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Kid’s Club



Join our exclusive Kids Club for FREE – Simple, fun and designed just for you! Its true that not everyone needs orthodontic treatment early. However, to be on the safe side, we recommend that you get your first dental checkup at the age of seven. Even of you don’t need any treatment after the initial checkup, we will schedule growth and development checkups for you and place you in our exclusive kids club!


As soon as you become a member of our kids club, you will receive your very own membership card and a t-shirt.
When you come for an appointment with your membership card, you will get to spin our prize wheel and win fun prizes!
You will also receive an invitation to all the fun parties and events that we organize especially for you!
If you wear your WHO-ville Kids Club t-shirt when you visit us, you will be able to get even more prizes!
All this and much more awaits your at West Houston Orthodontics!

So kids, remember that the right age to come and see Dr. Tabakman is SEVEN!
Make an appointment today and become a part of our family even before you start your treatment with us!

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