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Diode Laser Treatment

Diode Laser Treatment


The best thing about the Diode Laser Treatment is that there is no need for needles! That means you do not have to suffer any pain. Our dentists apply a topical anesthetic to the gum tissue being treated so all you feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.


If you have a “gummy” smile, you might feel self-conscious about it. However, most people believe there really isn’t much you can do about it. While it isn’t well known, there is a way you can reduce the amount of gum visible when you smile, and that is diode laser treatment.

If you think it sounds painful, understand that it isn’t at all. The laser is quite gentle and topical anesthetic will be used so that all you can feel is movement. The laser will remove excess gum tissue with precision, crafting the perfect “frame” for your teeth. We recommend you do this after braces are removed to get the picture-perfect smile you have been dreaming of.

Sometimes this treatment is required for non-aesthetic reasons. When you have excessive gum tissue, it can get in the way of placing brackets for braces, TADs, and other appliances. It can also be used to speed up the tooth-eruption process.

No matter why you require Diode Laser Treatment, we are able to deliver the treatment to you. Contact us to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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