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Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase Treatment


Two-Phase Treatment is a term that refers to a combined process of tooth straightening and facial alterations. It is used in cases where more severe problems are presenting themselves but have not yet been fully realized. The goal of two-phase treatment is to avoid more invasive forms of treatment later on in life, thus it is only available to children.

Phase – One

The first phase of treatment focuses on the proper development of the jaw, making certain all permanent teeth can fit and that the two jaws align properly. Once this phase of treatment is complete, the patient will go into the observation phase. This is an in-between phase in which the remaining teeth come in and we monitor your progress.


During this phase, the exact location of each tooth will be assessed individually and in term of their position in relation to other parts of the mouth. This can be done only after all permanent teeth has emerged. Braces will be used and treatment should last 18-24 months.

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